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Mastermind Sessions, Speaking & Facilitation 

I offer a variety of sessions designed to inform, engage and inspire you. Each session can be personalized to meet your needs and provided virtually or in person. Below is a sample of topics available. Please reach out for more information.


Positive Intelligence® (PQ) Part 1 – Three Steps to Increase Your Mental Fitness

This session introduces you to PQ®, a synthesis of neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology, performance science and mental fitness. Mental fitness refers to your capacity to deal with life's challenges with a positive and empowering mindset rather than a negative and disempowering one, improving your well-being. 


Increasing your PQ® and mental fitness will help boost your resilience and performance. It will also improve your well-being and relationships with others and yourself.

During the workshop, you will learn how to intercept your Saboteurs and reconnect with your inner Sage.


After this session, you will better understand where your negative thoughts are coming from (your Saboteurs) and their impact on you. 

You will be asked to discover your Saboteurs before the session.


Positive Intelligence® (PQ) Part 2 – Get to Know Your Saboteurs & Stop Self Sabotaging

Our Saboteurs show up in the negative messages we tell ourselves and provide us with our “go-to” behaviours. They are also the root cause of our negative emotions and stress.

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t feel so stressed and overwhelmed?

During this session, you will gain insight into how your Saboteurs show up for you and others around you. With a better understanding of the lies that your Saboteurs are feeding you, you will be better able to recognize when your Saboteurs are being activated and be better able to make conscious choices to take command of the situation.

You will gain insight into the ten common ways we self-sabotage, how we generate stress and how we can generate peace of mind instead.

You will be asked to discover your Saboteurs before the session.

Positive Intelligence® (PQ) Part 3 – Strengthening your Inner Sage

It’s possible to train your brain to move from out of “Sabotage” to “Sage” mode. This session focuses on your Sage Powers and the part of your brain that helps you thrive. During this session, we will explore how to activate this region.

Strengthening your Sage Powers is key to improving your overall well-being, performance and relationships. 

Exploring and Flipping Perspectives 


Have you ever wondered how the same event produces a different reaction in people? This session explores the power of reframing perspectives.


We will use the International Coaching Academy's (ICA) 4-Step FlipIt Coaching Framework to take you on a journey. FlipIt is a coaching framework for change developed by ICA, a global coach training school based in Melbourne, Australia. You start by identifying a challenge or issue that you are currently experiencing and want to change. We will then explore the perspective you are now using, working our way toward flipping that perspective.


Are you ready to shift your perspective?

Setting Intentions & Vision Board Session


This workshop will help you create a vision for your life by exploring what you need to be EPIC. You will visualize and create your vision board using Canva during this fun and creative session. The sky is the limit as you focus on your aspirations and goals. 

Embrace Your Fascinating Self & Own Your Potential 


Ever wonder how the world sees you?

This interactive session is intended to empower you to embrace your advantages. You will be asked to complete the How to Fascinate® assessment before the session to get the most out of the session.


For more information and to book a discovery chat, email:

Cancellation Policy

Please get in touch 48 hours before your appointment to cancel or reschedule. Any cancellation or rescheduling made in less than 48 hours will result in a cancellation fee equal to the session fee. 

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