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What Clients are Saying

If you are hesitating about joining this program, don't. Just jump in and do it. You will love it. Lucy is a great coach - she is calm, empathetic, open and non-judgmental. You will love the content and how Lucy facilitates this program. Any type of coaching you go through with Lucy will be impactful.


Lucy helped me to realize that I already have the ability to tackle stress and reach my full potential inside of me, I just needed some help recognizing it. That’s where the program came in - it gave me tools that were preventative and strategies to use in the moment that are practical and effective, and showed me that strategies I was already applying in certain areas of my life were cross applicable to others. I now feel equipped to handle these moments in a calmer fashion, and continue into the future with confidence that I can handle whatever life throws at me. Now on to reaching that full potential!


Shirzad's work on Positive Intelligence is an amazingly clear, accessible and enjoyable roadmap for very deep insight and transformation. Lucy embodies the teachings and is a clear and reliable guide to the Positive Intelligence journey. She was consistently supportive and emotionally attuned to all of our Pod members during our weekly meetings. I did the program together with my wife and our lives together are much enriched as a result!


I was privileged to take the PQ program with Lucy in the fall of 2022. I loved the conceptualizations of 'saboteurs,' the 'judge' and the 'sage'. Having the vocabulary with which to think about why we react and make choices the ways we do is empowering. Lucy's weekly sessions were a wonerful supplement to the modules and videos in the PQ App. She is a highly skilled and enthusiastic faciliator. I would recommend this program (and Lucy!!!) for people looking to build a posiitve and productive mindset in the professional context or on a personal level.


Realizing that it was ME in the way of accomplishing my goals, was a profound moment that I will never forget. I started to understand how to retrain my thoughts and very quickly I learned how to better work with who I am – a person with anxiety. All though anxiety doesn’t define me, I did let it hinder me. That is until, I made the choice to speak with Lucy. She helped identify my strengths and together we discovered how to use them to my advantage. I also learned how to use my so called “weaknesses” to my advantage too.


My self esteem is stronger, MY voice is stronger – I am stronger! I truly have been living my best self ever since. I don’t know where I would be if I hadn't started the conversation that day. It sure wouldn’t be where I am now, which is living my dreams. Thank you, is simply not enough.


I feel calmer as a whole, and when I start to not feel calm I feel like I have more tools in my toolbox to combat the stress/anxiety.
Thank you Alla for sharing your success story using PQs to center and overcome anxiety.  
"I needed to take a skill assessment test for an employer. I was very anxious. It’s an online test where they throw programming challenges on you and you solve them under time constraints. I started by doing a practice test first which doesn’t count into the final score. After I completed it, I realized my heart rate was elevated, I was all worked up and anxious! I thought it was not a good place to start my assessment. I did my PQ practice for about 15 min. My heart slowed down, and my anxiety seem to lighten. I started my assessment and felt more focused and confident. I completed it with a score of 81% (75% passing), better than I feared.
The whole experience was empowering and reassuring in the power of PQ."
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