Meet your coach - Lucy Romao Vandepol BA, MA, PCC

Mental Fitness & Wellness Coach, Higher Education Professional, Educator and Facilitator


As a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation​, my formal coach training started with Gallup's Strength Coaching, Adler's Foundations of Professional Coaching and culminated with the completion of International Coach Academy's Certified Coach Program, Group Coaching Program and receiving a Professional Certified Coach designation by the International Coach Federation. As a lifelong learner, I’m always looking for ways to enhance my skills and have recently completed training on Positive Intelligence® and am able to offer you the Positive Intelligence® Mental Fitness Program. 

For more information on my professional experience, please visit LinkedIn. 

In addition to being a coach, I am also a higher education professional who is passionate about student success. Fun fact, the focus of my Master's research was on perceptions of student success. It is my passion for student success that lead me to coaching, and what has driven me to expand my coaching practice to working with other higher education professionals. All too often, I see my colleagues struggling their well-being and being critical of themselves. These feelings of self-doubt and perfectionism frequently lead to self sabotage and keep them feeling stuck. They lead to frustration and increased stress. They impact performance, relationships and get in the way of innovation and happiness. This in turn impacts student success. I firmly believe that you can't help others if you are not helping yourself first - it's time my friends that you put that oxygen mask on yourself. 

I'm in a mission to help others be EPIC - EMBRACE their POTENTIAL and IGNITE their COURAGE. 

I am here to empower you to get out of your head and reconnect with your best self. Together we will focus on your goals, strengths and mental fitness and work on coming up with a plan of action. It's time to take care of YOU and your well-being.

Working with me is an investment in YOUR personal development and self care. 

Are you ready to put that oxygen mask on?


My mission is to help you move forward with your goals

Together we partner to identify your goals, what success looks like to you and to determine the outcome you are looking for. I provide a non-judgmental space for you to openly discuss your challenges, obstacles, opportunities and dreams. Through our conversations, you will come up with the next steps that best serve you and your goals. Together, we will re-visit and celebrate your progress and make adjustments along the way.

Goals are the seeds of life and they are waiting to grow. Coaching provides the garden to plant those seeds. During coaching sessions, I ask questions to evoke awareness to help those seeds grow and pick out the weeds that are impeding personal growth and leading to burn out and exhaustion.

Change often requires a shift in perspective, I'm here to to help you identify your disempowering perspectives and what is getting in the way of your goals. Once we uncover what is holding you back, we can start working on getting you unstuck and moving forward.


Improve your mental fitness and wellness

Your mind is your best friend. But it can also be your worst enemy. Your mind loves to sabotage you.

My training in Positive Intelligence® provides me with the tools to work with you to strengthen your mental fitness and update your operating system. 

Mental fitness refers to your ability to handle life's challenges with a more positive mindset, and less stress. By strengthening your mental fitness you are able to boost performance, improve your wellbeing and strengthen relationships.

I work with you to strengthen your mental fitness, evoke awareness of your limiting beliefs and saboteurs while also uncovering your super powers, inner Sage and authentic self.


Empower you to get out of your head so you can move forward

I am passionate about empowering others to see the best in themselves, to find their strengthens and master their weaknesses and saboteurs. My goal is to empower you to let your true authentic self shine. 

As a coach, I often take on the role of accountability partner and cheerleader. I am here to support you in breaking through the obstacles holding you back.

I am direct about what I am seeing and hearing, this includes recognizing your progress, hard work and calling you out on how you are getting in your own way. I encourage reflection and I am not afraid to ask difficult questions.

I keep your goals in focus and encourage exploration of motivation and what is getting in the way. I also acknowledge that goals might shift as we work together and I will work with you on making those pivots while also examining lessons learned.

You will always be the one in the drivers seat because you are expert in your life and the one who defines success. 


I specialize in creating personalized sessions for each client based on their desired outcomes and goals.

Life's too short to restrict your oxygen and delay your goals.

Let's connect to start working on your goals and strengthening your mental fitness. Book your free 30 minute chemistry call to discuss next steps.


A goal without a plan is just a wish.

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Image by Saad Chaudhry