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Shifting Perspectives Coaching

Has been a long time in the making. I kept delaying formalizing my coaching practice because of a number of excuses, the biggest one was that I didn't have a name. 

Then one day, the name came to me and I no longer had a valid excuse. It was time to take action.

The name Shifting Perspectives Coaching came to me after I was in a group coaching training session. During the session, the facilitator asked "when was the first time you realized that you could choose your perspective?" The first memory that came to me was of a time when I had to go somewhere that I didn't want to go and I decided that I didn't have a choice so I could go and make the best of it or a could be angry and sour about it. I choose to make the most of it. As I sat there reflecting, I realized that this was something that I had discovered at a very young age and had been doing my whole life. Although, I had been been choosing my perspective my whole life, I didn't realize how powerful that choice was until much later.

There is power in choice.

Have you ever considered how many choices you make throughout a day?

It's no wonder we are a tired bunch, we are constantly making conscious and unconscious choices throughout the day. Some of these choices are familiar, some push us out of our comfort zones, some bring us closer to our goals and others keep us exactly where we are.

Where do you want to be? What choices are you making? Which perspective are you taking?

Like everyone else, I too have struggled with my inner self-critic and disempowering perspectives. Over the years, I have noticed that when I find myself in a disempowering negative perspective, that I just don't feel good. That's when I feel frustrated, stuck, angry. Maybe it's the fact that I have B+ blood running through my veins that it just doesn't jive negativity. I have learned that I can't sit in that space for long and that I need to shift my perspective to be able to move forward.

I want to work with you to help you OWN your power.

There is power in perspective. 

A shift in perspective can shift the outcome - it can turn what seems impossible, possible.

In addition to helping you set goals and develop a plan to achieve those goals. I'm here to help you identify the perspective that you are viewing the world in, to identify what is sabotaging your goals, to teach you how to reframe and grow your mindset.

Wandering Traveler

Are you ready to tackle what seems impossible?

Are you ready to OWN IT?

Let's get started!

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